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Custom Artwork

Jim Carter

Jims-ProfileJames Carter started tattooing when he was seventeen years old and hasn’t stopped learning since. Working for most of his career in the Greater Victoria region, he has been tattooing for over twenty years and piercing for thirteen. He is self taught, and draws influence from such well known tattoo artists as Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell and Nikko Hurtado. In 2008, he moved out to Prince Edward Island for a taste of Canada’s East Coast Culture. While at Custom Creations Tattoo in Summerside, he joined forces with Greg Strickland and Griffen Dunsmore in enhancing the bodies of PEI. While expanding his knowledge base and tattooing experience, Jim credits Nova Scotian artists Kirt Silver of SilverCity Tattoo and Jamie MacKay of Sacred Temple for assisting in reigniting passion for his art and introducing him to photo realism tattooing with their “Back to Reality” seminars.

Jim has always dreamed of opening his own studio in Victoria, and since returning to Vancouver Island in 2010, that is exactly what he has accomplished with Incendiary Tattoos. While he is skilled in nearly all aspects of body piercing and tattooing, his greatest pleasure is bringing your darkest, twisted nightmares to life on your skin canvas.